We are a Professional Miami Roof Inspections Company

You should always hire a licensed professional Miami roofing contractor to inspect and maintain your roof system. It’s extremely dangerous to work on your roof without the appropriate contractor.


When you are buying-selling a property, it is important to know the age and condition of your roof. At these times a roofing inspection is important, but it could also be done at any time to identify the condition of your roof and know when it may need repair or replacement. We are a professional Miami Roof Inspections qualified to certify the roof conditions through an inspection process.
If you think you may have roof damage, contact our expert roofing contractor today for a free roof inspection. We are here to serve your roofing needs now and in the future.


  • Check for missing or loose shakes or shingles, buckling or curling shingles, cracked tiles, broken or missing tabs, tile slippage, and scratch to tile mortar; scratch to metal roof tiles or panels; exposed paper on flat roof systems.
  • Leaks inside the attic, water stains on roof decking, around vents and pipes and valleys, stained roofing deck, rafters or trusses, evaluate the roof for areas of weakness where new leaks could form.
  • Evaluate the condition of the roof’s flashing around roof penetrations, roof to wall transitions and in roof valleys and crickets.
  • Check for excessive debris buildup on roof surfaces; in roof valleys and crickets; and in roof drains and rain gutters.
  • Check for dry rot and termite damage in exposed roof sheathing, exposed starter boards, and fascia boards.

Is your roof leaking, look old or been previously repaired? You may be in require a professional Miami Roof Inspections by M.G Excellent Services Corporation.
Don’t put your roof in the hands of an inexperienced contractor.

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Do you want to do some roofing improvements or repairs but are not sure how much it will cost? No problem! Miami Roof Inspections M.G Excellent Services Corporation is proud to offer free estimates for roof repairs, new installations, roof restoration, re-roofing, and roof inspection.

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